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 Another boring day

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Another boring day Empty
PostSubject: Another boring day   Another boring day Icon_minitimeMon Jul 09, 2007 2:19 pm

Yup, woke up today, did about 6 lines of coke with Robert Downey JR and Kirk Cameron. Then we went to Mellors on Loudonville and got all you can eat pancakes.. Then after that we did about 12 more lines just to get extra hyphy. Then we decided to go on 466 and ghost ride the whip for about 6 hours. One thing lead to another so we got this crazy idea to ride up on 50 cents crib and shoot paint balls at his ass.. I totally missed him but Robert Downey totally pwnd his ass with a 3 in it. its really crazy watching Robert dressed like Iron man sitting in the backseat of your car shooting paintballs at fiddys hoe ass and giving him the steel finger.. but anyways Kirk Cameron didn't have a paintball gun.. he just had an air horn and started getting crazy with that and yelling lines from his old growing pains days... yeha. so all in all my day sucked.... yup yup.. nothing to great. peace out
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Another boring day
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